Research Programmes & Calls, EU HORIZON 2020

Draft EU Horizon 2020 - Work Programme 2016 - 2017 'Secure, Clean and Efficient Energy'

Date: 11/09/2015

Work Programme 2016 - 2017

Topics and submission Service:
LCE-09: Increasing the competitiveness of the EU PV manufacturing industry
LCE-13: Solutions for reduced maintenance, increased reliability and extended life-time of wind tur-bines/farms
LCE-15: Scaling up in the ocean energy sector to arrays
LCE-19: Demonstration of the most promising advanced biofuel pathways
LCE-20: Enabling pre-commercial production of advanced aviation biofuel
LCE-22: International Cooperation with Brazil on advanced lignocellulosic biofuels
LCE-35: Joint Actions towards the demonstration and validation of innovative energy Solutions

Topics and submission Service:
EE-06: Engaging private consumers towards sustainable energy
EE-09: Engaging and activating public authorities
EE-11: Overcoming market barriers and promoting deep renovation of buildings
EE-13: Cost reduction of new Nearly Zero-Energy buildings
EE-14: Construction skills
EE-16: Effective implementation of EU product efficiency legislation
EE-21: ERA-NET Cofund actions supporting Joint Actions towards increasing energy efficiency in industry and services
EE-22: Project Development Assistance
EE-24: Making the energy efficiency market investible
EE-25: Development and roll-out of innovative energy efficiency services

This paper is made public just before the adoption process of the work programme to provide potential participants with the currently expected main lines of the work programme 2016 - 2017. It is a working document not yet endorsed by the Commission and its content does not in any way prejudge the final decision of the Commission.
The adoption and the publication of the work programme by the Commission are expected in mid-October 2015. Only the adopted work programme will have legal value.



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