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Peter Rechberger
Project Lead for Communication & Dissamination
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The CHIPS of Europe project is addressing the shortage of workforce in the EU semiconductor industry. In the next 4 years industry and academia will work together to increase the attractiveness of semiconductor-related study programmes and careers. Activities include:

  • Talent pipeline starting from secondary schools to minimize any lost potential
  • Update curricula and microcredentials on cutting edge topics in chips design, manufacturing, and packaging
  • Interactive teaching and learning methods (e.g. summer schools at fabs and virtual labs)
  • Increase the share of female students in technical fields
  • Increase Europe´s talent pool (academic partner from Africa)
  • Public communication to foster positive awareness of semiconductors

The University of Applied Sciences Munich is coordinating the project while ECPE leads the communication efforts and will ensure involvement of the whole ECPE network.

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Press release (28.06.2024)

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