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ECPE European Center for Power Electronics e.V. was founded in 2003 on the initiative of leading power electronics industries as an industry-driven Research Network to promote education, innovation, science, research and technology transfer in the area of Power Electronics in Europe. In the meantime the network comprises more than 230 network members. The main objectives are pre-competitive research, education and advanced training as well as public relations for power electronics in Europe.

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Precompetitive Joint Research

Network-internal research is organised in the ECPE Joint Research Programme focussing mainly on power electronics in automotive and industrial systems as well as for renewable energies and smart grids.

Advanced Training

ECPE Workshops and Tutorials are addressing a wide range of up to date topics targeting especially at engineers in industry. In addition, a power electronics online course is available on the ECPE website for members.

Public Relations

The ECPE public relations and lobbying activities to increase awareness of the role and importance of power electronics for Europe have two main directions, publicly funded research programmes addressing power electronics topics and future young engineers.

ECPE - the Industry-driven Research Network

ECPE European Center for Power Electronics e.V. was founded in 2003 on the initiative of the 8 leading companies of power electronics industry as an industry-driven Research Network.

As a European technology and innovation platform, ECPE is driving precompetitive joint research and set up research & technology roadmaps for a strategic research agenda with future research directions according to the demands of European power electronics industry. The ECPE education and training program covers a wide range of current topics and addresses especially engineers from industry.


In the ECPE foundation phase it was a major challenge to emphasize the importance of power electronics. But driven by the megatrends to increase the energy efficiency, the use of renewable energy and then later e-mobility, the importance of power electronicsand the corresponding awareness has changed a lot. The topic has moved from the niche to the spotlight.

Power electronics is a key technology with influence on the overall infrastructure of energy supply, the industrial area of motion control and drives, the industry automation and on the traffic technics. Furthermore, power electronics is a technology driver for the future intelligent systems with communication capabilities, and holds an enormous energy saving potential in home & office.

Apart from the registered association ECPE e.V., a limited company (GmbH) has been founded, which develops research roadmaps in cooperation with the involved industry and university partners, prioritises research topics and conducts research contracts with leading European Competence Centres - university institutes and research centers. The budget arises from a research fund, coming from the ECPE partner companies.

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