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PCIM Europe | 11 - 13 June 2024


PCIM Europe is the world's leading exhibition and conference for power electronics, intelligent motion, renewable energy, and energy management. Since 2004 ECPE gives companies and institutes the opportunity to present their latest achievements at the ECPE Joint Stand.

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ECPE Joint Stand in hall 6, stand 6-410   - the meeting point at PCIM Europe Exhibition!

ECPE Joint Stand
at PCIM Europe Exhibition
Nuremberg 2024

Co-Exhibitors at the ECPE Joint Stand 2023



    AVL SET with its headquarters in Wangen i. Allgäu is part of the AVL-Group, which has its headquarters in Graz/Austria. When the company was founded in 2012 as a joint venture between SET GmbH and AVL List GmbH, two areas of expertise were combined: the start-up mentality of an agile technology company characterized by pioneer spirit with the powerful, worldwide infrastructure of a global player.



  • EGSTON Power Electronics


    EGSTON Power Electronics GmbH is a technology-leading manufacturer of power electronics equipment for Power Hardware-in-the-Loop applications based in Klosterneuburg, near Vienna, Austria. We provide the most versatile high-power PHIL test and emulation platforms currently on the market.



  • HEIDEN power

    HEIDEN is both a manufacturer and a distributor of electronic power electronics devices. HEIDEN develops, manufactures and sells AC- and DC power supplies in all performance classes. From 500 watts to over 500 kW of power and even the MW range are possible. Systems for very high currents of up to more than 10kA have already been implemented. Bidirectional source-sink systems with recycling to the GRID have recently become very popular. Furthermore, there are electronic loads (also with recycling to the GRID), ground power units and starting devices for the aviation industry, as well as power analyzers and application-related, customer-specific systems. These devices and systems are used in general industry, especially in automotive and aviation, as well as in research, institutes and general development.



  • Hesse


    Hesse GmbH – leading producer of ultrasonic bonding and welding machines
    Since 1995 Hesse GmbH, based in Paderborn, develops and manufactures fully automated machines for the assembly and connection technology together with standard or product specific automation solutions. 
    Our range of products and services includes:
    Fully automatic ultrasonic bonding and welding machines
    Software for monitoring ultrasonic-bond-processes as well as 
    Customized tools and machines
    Service of Hesse Customer Solutions: Pre-production prototypes, small series production and (online) services like training, production support and process optimization
    All relevant industrial companies engaged in assembly and connection technology (semiconductor manufacturers, HF/RF, automotive, battery systems supplier, medical etc.) are among the worldwide customers of Hesse GmbH. Optimum local support for our customers, especially in the important markets such as Asia and America, is ensured by subsidiaries in Hong Kong, USA and Japan with their own Sales and Service for wire bonder.




  • IB Billmann

    Since 1991, we have been supporting the industry with design, evaluation and consulting in the field of power electronic systems. In the area of test equipment, we develop special tools and adapters that are tailored to the requirements of power electronics. We also sell a number of self-designed units, which greatly shorten laboratory setup times. We provide failure analysis and design reviews. Customers benefit from our decades of experience and from the background of latest R&D research topics. We deliver technology from customized single pieces, over small series, to developments facing a planned high volume production. We carry out design, prototyping, as well as functional testing and support you in the series overpass. 



  • ISE Magnetics

    ISE MAGNETICS™ is a manufacturer and design house of inductive components; having production and (sales) offices in western and eastern Europe, we also subcontract production in Asia which we strictly prescribe control and inspect.
    The ISE staff consists of 60 people. ISE’s headquarters is located in the renowned Dutch High Tech area Brainport in the Netherlands.


  • LGF Elektrotechnik
  • PACK LitzWire

    PACK LitzWire is an experienced specialist for HF litz wires and high-performance fine
    wires.With a broad product portfolio, high consulting competence, top service and personal commitment, we support customers as an innovation partner in developing new technologies and technically optimising existing solutions.

    As a family business, PACK stands for quality - Made in Germany. With sales offices around the world, we are also present everywhere internationally.

    As a development partner for our customers, we offer the best service - for example, many developers use our online sample service at immediate-delivery/ to request directly available samples.

    Pack is also a valued partner for series production. Modern production and the trusting co-operation with our suppliers enable a high delivery capacity, even for large uantities. Digitalised handling processes accompany the processing of orders. Of course, we offer barcode-supported integration of your article and project data into the ordering process.



  • PINK


    PINK is a global supplier for (power) electronics manufacturing equipment within automotive industry and their suppliers.

    Plants and systems for void-free soldering with vacuum
    e.g. of large power modules, with preform solders and/or pastes in a continuous process.

    Sintering technology by PINK
    Patented sintering system SIN 200+ modular, a highly flexible system, which is suitable for various production demands and our small scale sintering system SIN 20 especially for R&D and institutes for setup, evaluation and optimization of sintering processes.

    PINK application and R&D services
    PINK supports its customers from the very beginning of developments to series production. Starting with demonstration and soldering/sintering trials, feasibility studies of new packaging concepts and assembling of customer samples. After that PINK evaluates and optimizes UPH, yield and quality. 



  • SCHWEIZER Electronic


    If you are looking for a custom manufacturer of PCBs to meet any requirement, you can't overlook SCHWEIZER. Schweizer Electronic AG offers the latest, cutting-edge technology and consultancy expertise in the PCB industry. Thanks to its state-of-the-art production facilities in Schramberg, Germany and Jintan, China as well as close partnerships with other technology leaders, SCHWEIZER provides individual PCB & Embedding solutions. SCHWEIZER's innovative PCB technologies are used in the most demanding applications, for example, in the Automotive, Aviation, Industry & Medical and Communications & Computing sectors, and are characterised by their extremely high quality and energy-saving and environmentally-friendly features. 
    The company was founded by Christoph Schweizer in 1849 and is listed at the Stuttgart and Frankfurt Stock Exchanges (ticker symbol „SCE“, „ISIN DE 000515623“).




  • SET

    The technology company from Wangen im Allgäu specializes in the development of test systems for the power semiconductor and aerospace industries. SET GmbH is the specialist for testing wide bandgap materials such as SiC and a technological leader in the development of dynamic test systems. With its expertise, SET supports its customers in meeting the latest qualification requirements for future topics such as electromobility. SET's R&D department is always one step ahead technologically through its involvement in research projects and close exchange with customers and other market players. The innovative company manages projects from the definition of system requirements through hardware, mechanical and software development to the manufacture and commissioning of the entire system. Since its foundation in 2001, SET has been growing continuously and today employs around 120 people at three locations in Germany and the USA. In 2023, SET joined the NI (National Instruments) group.



  • TTPi


    E-mobility, renewable energies or medical technology - the development of electronics is becoming increasingly fast. This means that the installed electronics must function even after time pressure – really a challenge for manufacturers. At ZESTRON, we support electronics manufacturers comprehensively in solving this challenge. We focus on the surface of power and control electronics: moisture resistance and corrosion, insulation coordination covering technical & ionic cleanliness as well as isolation material quality. Finally yet importantly, sinter ability is our area of expertise. We assist to determine the risk of failure and recommend related priority actions. We look at challenges holistically in research projects. With our technology coaching, we offer fast response times, a target-oriented approach to support operationally. Our knowledge and discretion have made us leading in the world of failure analysis. We are only satisfied when we have found a solution with our customer that guarantees the absolute reliability of his product - and that he can implement economically in his operational practice.



  • Aalborg University

    As the name implies, AAU Energy is fully dedicated to research, innovation and education within the broad field of energy. We strive for excellence and impact in what we do, by establishing strong, collaborative partnerships with industrial and academic stakeholders within the field and engaging in the public debate concerning one of the major challenges of our time: the green transition.
    By having a mission that explicitly focuses on education and training, we also make it clear that we are dedicated to educating new and training seasoned professionals to meet the requirements of the future – giving them the tools to have real impact in their time.



  • CEA


    The French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission, or CEA, is a major center for research in service to government, the economy, and society. Ranked among the world's top 100 government research organizations (Clarivate 2022), the CEA’s mission is to drive and accelerate innovation for France’s industrial economy through the development of real-world solutions for the energy transition, the digital transition, health, and defense and security. The organization helps make companies in all industries more competitive through innovative, high-performance, differentiating products and solutions for a changing world. Active in every region in France, the CEA works in close alignment with the needs of businesses to support its local partners’ innovation strategies, contributing to the creation of value and long-lasting jobs for France’s economy. A total of 235 CEA startups benefit from the organization’s support as they continue to grow, providing the necessary agility to bring CEA know-how and breakthrough technologies to the market:
    Power electronics is everywhere around us and energy efficiency is today a major societal challenge. In CEA, we have skills, platforms and research activities on each part of the power electronics value chain.




  • EnergyVille


    EnergyVille is a collaboration between the Belgian research partners KU Leuven, VITO, imec and UHasselt in the fields of sustainable energy and intelligent energy systems. EnergyVille develops technology and knowledge to support public and private stakeholders in the transition to an energy efficient, decarbonised and sustainable urban environment. The unique complementarity of the research partners allows us to integrate the energy system value chain in its entirety, ranging from materials and components to the level of entire energy systems, business models and strategies. Our activities are clustered in eight interdisciplinary domains: solar energy, battery storage, power electronics, power-to-molecules, thermal systems, electrical networks, energy for buildings and districts, energy strategies and markets.



  • Fraunhofer ISE


    The Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems ISE is the largest solar energy research institute in Europe. It creates technological foundations for supplying energy efficiently and on an environmentally sound basis in industrialized, threshold and developing countries. With its research focusing on energy conversion, energy efficiency, energy distribution and energy storage, it contributes to a broad application of new technology. The department of power electronics and grid technologies of Fraunhofer ISE has more than 30 years of experience in the design of power electronic circuits.


  • SDU - University of Southern Denmark

    CIE is part of the Faculty of Engineering and  the Department of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering at the University of Southern Denmark. The Centre was initiated by a unique public-private partnership between the university, the region and municipality as well as leading industrial partners.
    CIE has a strong mission to advance electrification, digitalisation and energy efficiency bridging between applied research, technology development for sustainable development and innovation. A strong focus is put on the development of next generation electronics, such as active and passive components, power electronic devices, EMC and intelligent systems.



  • SuperGrid Institute


    SuperGrid Institute is an independent innovation and research company dedicated to the development of technologies for the future system of power transmission. Our mission is to offer value-added technologies and services to support our clients in the development of electric power systems that aim to increase energy efficiency and integrate renewable resources into the grid on a wide scale.



  • University of Bremen


    The laboratory for high power electronics HiPE-LAB at the Institute for Electrical Drives, Power Electronics and Devices (IALB) of the University of Bremen offers the unique opportunity to expose entire frequency converters of up to 10 MVA to electrical and climatic loads in almost any combination and to carry out tests to predict lifetime issues. In addition to examining frequency converters as a whole, the targeted examination of individual components such as the power semiconductors (for example IGBTs), the driver circuits or the DC link capacitors is also possible in separate climate chambers. The HiPE-LAB enables individual tests tailored to your product. Even during the development phase of new components, tests can be carried out on prototypes as a whole or on individual components.



ECPE provides partner units to 20 co-exhibitors at a joint stand in hall 6, stand 6-410. On 170 sqm you're able to meet representatives of our member companies & PE experts from competence centres presenting their research.





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