ECPE Joint Stand at
PCIM Europe Exhibiton

The PCIM Europe 2021 will take place from 4 - 6 May 2021 Nuremberg | Germany. ECPE Stand is 6-310!

PCIM Europe is the world's leading exhibition and conference for power electronics, intelligent motion, renewable energy, and energy management. Since 2004 ECPE gives companies and institutes the opportunity to present their latest achievements at the ECPE Joint Stand.

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ECPE Joint Stand at
PCIM Europe Exhibition
4 - 6 May 2021 Nuremberg | Germany
Hall 6 Stand 310!

20 partner units – 170 sqm booth area –
experts from industry and academia

Take the Chance and become co-exhibitor
at the ECPE Joint Stand 2021!

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Get in touch with Power Electronics experts from industry and academia! ECPE Joint Stand - the meeting point at PCIM Europe Exhibition!

Since 2008, ECPE sponsors one of the three Young Engineer Awards at PCIM Europe. The winners are invited to present their paper at PCIM Europe Conference, receive prize money and see their paper published in the conference proceedings.


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Co-Exhibitors at the ECPE Joint Stand 2020

  • Ascatron

    Ascatron provides high performance Silicon Carbide (SiC) material and power semiconductors. We design power diodes, MOSFETs and other type of SiC devices for a wide range of voltages. Prototyping and pilot production of device chips is done in-house, while volume production is setup at automotive qualified foundry. Ascatron is a Sweden based company with background in producing advanced SiC epitaxy material for global customers since 2011.



    Wenn es um elektrische Kontakte geht, ist DODUCO weltweit führend.
    Mehr als 95 Jahre Erfahrung in der Edelmetallverarbeitung sowie umfassendes Know-how rund um stromleitende Verbindungen machen das Pforzheimer Traditionsunternehmen DODUCO zu einem zuverlässigen und international geschätzten Partner bekannter Unternehmen der Elektrotechnik- und Automobilindustrie. Produktionsstandorte in Deutschland, Spanien, Rumänien und China  unterstreichen die globale Ausrichtung des 1922 von Dr. Eugen Dürrwächter im Herzen der Goldstadt Pforzheim gegründeten Unternehmens. 
    Mit den Unternehmensbereichen Kontaktwerkstoffe & Halbzeuge, Stanztechnik, Kunststoff-Metall-Verbundtechnologie, sowie der Oberflächen- und Beschichtungstechnik verfügt das Unternehmen über einen weltweit einzigartigen Technologieverbund. Durch effiziente und umweltschonende Recyclingverfahren ist das Unternehmen außerdem in der Lage Gold, Silber, Platin, Palladium und Rhodium in Reinform zurück zu gewinnen. Ergänzt wird das Produkt-und Leistungsspektrum durch LBMA (London Bullion Market Association) zertifizierte Silberbarren und einer großen Bandbreite an Silberpulver in unterschiedlicher Korngröße und hoher Reinheit. 
    Ob morgens beim Zähneputzen mit der elektrischen Zahnbürste, ob mittags beim Kochen auf dem elektrischen Herd oder abends auf der Heimfahrt mit dem Auto oder Zug. 
    Wo Strom fließt, ist DODUCO vertreten!


  • Hesse GmbH
  • IB Billmann

    In the area of test equipment, we develop special tools and adapters that are tailored to the requirements of power electronics since 1991. We provide self-designed units, which greatly shorten laboratory setup times.
    We support failure analysis and design reviews. Customers benefit from our decades of experience and from the background of latest R&D research topics.
    We deliver technology from customized single pieces to developments facing a planned high volume production. We carry out design, prototyping, as well as functional testing and support you in the series overpass.


  • ISE Magnetics

    ISE Magnetics presents on the PCIM 2019 the latest development in PLANAR Transformers, high power LLC Resonant transformers and GaN magnetics.
    ISE MAGNETICS™ is a manufacturer and design house of inductive components; having production and (sales) offices in western and eastern Europe, we also subcontract production in Asia which we strictly prescribe control and inspect.
    The ISE staff consists of 60 people. ISE’s headquarters is located in the renowned Dutch High Tech area Brainport in the Netherlands.



  • LGF Elektrotechnik
  • mi2-factory

    mi2-factory GmbH is a German high-tech SME, located in Jena/Germany, that was founded in January 2016 and which focusses on a novel impurity doping process for semiconductors based on a proprietary ion implantation technique. 
    This technique uses a micro-patterned membrane, called the Energy-Filter-for-Ion-Implantation (EFII), which converts the monenergetic ion energy of a high energy ion beam into a continuous distribution of ion energies. Thus in the substrate the resulting strongly localized ion distribution of the monenergetic beam is converted into a vertical doping profile. 



  • RISSE electronic
  • Rudolf Pack

    Die Firma Rudolf Pack GmbH & Co. KG wurde 1933 gegründet und ist ein in der 3. Generation geführtes Familienunternehmen. Besser bekannt ist die Firma unter dem Logo `PACK LitzWire`.
    Spezialgebiet ist die eigene Herstellung von Hochfrequenzlitzen, Kupferlackdrähten und 3-fach isolierten Drähten und Litzen. Wir sind mit unseren Vertriebspartnern weltweit tätig. Unser Service ist die Unterstützung beim Design und bei der Bemusterung Ihrer Bauteile, sowie die Begleitung von Projekten während der Serienfertigung. Aktuell sind wir Partner in einem bundesweiten Forschungsprojekt, in dem die Optimierung der Verwendung von Hochfrequenzlitzen unter Einsatz  neuer Materialien wie GaN und SiC  untersucht wird.


  • SET GmbH

    SET is specialist and partner in developing semiconductor, HiL and functional test systems, as well as for developing and manufacturing electronic systems. The company was founded in 2001 and has over 80 employees working at the Headquarters in Wangen, Germany and three other locations in Germany and the US.

    SET is committed to making our customers successful by integrating cutting edge technology with tried and true best practices for test. We are defining the future of automotive test as a founding member of the ADAS iiT consortium, unlocking new potential in Semiconductor reliability testing, and revolutionizing the way the aviation industry develops and tests controls products.  

    Whether you need a single test system of the highest quality and ROI, or want to institute a transformative test standardization – SET has the resources and know-how to deliver.  


  • SuperGrid Institute
  • Typhoon HIL
  • ZES Zimmer Electronic Systems
  • Aalborg University
  • CEAtech
  • CITC
  • Fraunhofer IKTS
  • Fraunhofer IMWS
  • Fraunhofer ISE

    The Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems ISE is the largest solar energy research institute in Europe. It creates technological foundations for supplying energy efficiently and on an environmentally sound basis in industrialized, threshold and developing countries. With its research focusing on energy conversion, energy efficiency, energy distribution and energy storage, it contributes to a broad application of new technology. The department of power electronics and grid technologies of Fraunhofer ISE has more than 30 years of experience in the design of power electronic circuits.


  • Fraunhofer ISIT

    Fraunhofer ISIT develops and manufactures innovative active and passive power semiconductor components based on silicon and gallium nitride for highest switching frequencies in the MHZ range in a modern 8” manufacturing environment. Customized low loss IGBTs with advanced cell architecture enable applications in a wide voltage range up to 1200 V. Within the context of a research project (InMOVE) a novel design for an integrated traction inverter was realized. Thin wafer technology and laser annealing was used for the manufacturing of the IGBT devices. A further topic is the development of power electronic systems and system simulations.


  • Karlsruher Institute of Technology (KIT)

    At the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), the Institute of Electrical Engineering (ETI) and the Institute for Data Processing and Electronics (IPE) conduct world-leading research in the area of power electronics and semiconductors.

    The research areas of the ETI are the design and control of power electronic systems in the 100 W to 1 MW range. With many projects in close cooperation with industry and large-scale research institutions, the ETI offers design, analysis, control and testing capabilities for its partners. A “Grid-Lab” for converters, a 1.8 kV/4 kA double-pulse test bench and three motor test benches (up to 18000 rpm and 500 Nm) provide the ideal facilities for the thorough analysis of a wide range of power electronic systems and components.

    Research at the Institute for Data Processing and Electronics focuses on battery-powered, power electronic systems and technologies for their manufacturing and assembly. We work on the development, optimization, assembly and characterization of power electronic modules as well as their integration into battery electric, stationary and mobile systems. From battery management systems (BMS) with passive or active balancing, high-performance chargers with custom designed power modules, cooling systems to the contacting of battery cells, we offer expertise for research and industry cooperations.


  • TU Wien

    TU Wien is the largest university of science and technology in Austria with 5,000 employees and 29,000 students. TU Wien is Austria’s largest contractor of EU-research programs. The volume of projects which are raised from enterprises and competitive research funds amounts to close to 40% of the state's basic funding. TU Wien not only delivers research-results but technologies ready to be implemented.


  • SDU - University of Southern Denmark

ECPE provides partner units to 26 co-exhibitors at a joint stand in hall 7. On over 200 sqm you're able to meet representatives of our member companies & PE experts from competence centres presenting their research.

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