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ECPE is providing the organizational platform for two industrial working groups on ´Automotive Power Module Qualification (AQG 324)´ and ´Power Semiconductor Reliability for Railway Application´. Based on own WG rules of procedure and the ECPE Code of Conduct including the instructions for compliance with competition law the members work on joint industry standards for power module qualification and reliability testing.

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ECPE Guideline AQG 324 „Automotive Qualification Guideline“

The ECPE Working Group AQG 324 established in June 2017 is working on a European Qualification Guideline for Power Modules for Use in Power Electronics Converter Units in Motor Vehicles. Based on the former German LV 324 (´Qualification of Power Electronics Modules for Use in Motor Vehicle Components - General Requirements, Test Conditions and Tests´) the ECPE Guideline defines a common procedure for characterizing module testing as well as for environmental and lifetime testing of power electronic modules for automotive application. The guideline has been released by the responsible Industrial Working Group comprising ECPE member companies with more than 30 industry representatives from the automotive supply chain. The present AQG 324 version dated 12 April 2018 focuses on Si-based power modules where future versions to be released by the Working Group will also cover the new wide bandgap power semiconductors SiC and GaN.

ECPE Tutorial "Testing Automotive Power Modules according to the ECPE Guideline AQG 324"

The Tutorial with speakers from the AQG 324 Core Team gives practical information and advice how to test power modules according to the AQG 324 Guideline under comparable conditions. It aims at direct users from beginners to senior experts coming from power module suppliers, automotive tier 1 suppliers or test service and equipment providers. All ECPE events are available here for registration.

2021 programme 'ECPE Tutorial about Guideline AQG 324'


ECPE Guideline AQG 324            (03.1/2021 from 31 May 2021)

ECPE Guideline aQG 324            (02.1/2019 from 15 May 2019)    

Intro-presentation AQG 324  (12 April 2018)

Press note AQG 324                   (April 2018)


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