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The roadmapping activity is another highlight in the ECPE Network with several programmes to develop power electronics roadmaps from the system and application perspectives. Research and Technology Roadmapping is an important strategic tool to identify and guide a mainstream for medium to long term research. The main objective of technology roadmapping in the ECPE Network is to provide input and industrial guidance to the research programmes on European as well as on national level. Furthermore, ECPE Member companies can reflect their own company roadmaps versus the ECPE roadmaps and the ECPE Competence Centre can use the roadmaps when they define new research directions.

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ECPE WBG Roadmap
Lead Applications for SiC & GaN (2020)

The Wide Bandgap Roadmapping programme with focus on the identification of promising lead applications for SiC and GaN is based on the ECPE position paper 'Next Generation Power Electronics based on Wide Bandgap Devices - Challenges and Opportunities for Europe' (May 2016). The target applications for WBG power devices include both mobile (automotive, railway) as well as stationary systems like photovoltaic, industry drives and grid-related applications.

For these applications the main drivers for the use of wide bandgap devices were evaluated: the increase of power density regarding volume and weight reduction, the higher efficiency regarding the reduction of dynamic or static losses, the higher reliability, ruggedness and temperature capability as well as the easier controllability.


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ECPE Roadmap Programme
´Power Electronics 2025´

In the roadmapping programme ´Power Electronics 2025´ running in the years 2014/2015 power electronics roadmaps have been developed from the system and application perspectives. Therefore, three application-related roadmapping teams have been defined:

  • Power Supplies (addressing low power applications)
  • Automotive & Aircraft (addressing medium power applications)
  • Electronic Power Grids (addressing high power applications)


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