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Date: 01/06/2017 - 30/06/2020

Distretto Tecnologico Sicilia Micro e Nano Sistemi S.C.a R.L.

20 partners from 4 nations

30,4 Mio. €

36 months

WInSiC4AP contributes in developing reliable technology bricks for efficient and cost-effective applications addressing social challenges and market segments where Europe is a recognized global leader as well as automotive, avionics, railway and defence.


  • On Board battery Charger for PHEV or BEV 
  • Isolated DC-DC Converter for HEV, BEV and FC 
  • Intelligent Power Switch (IPS-RA): High Voltage PowerConverters (<10 kV) for embedded railway equipment’s 
  • Intelligent Power Switch (IPS-AA): AC & DC Intelligent Power Switch (IPS) for power distribution in avionics at module and component levels
  • High efficiency Bidirectional SiC-based Power Converter for V2G/V2H applications in a nano/microgrid scenario 
  • Inverter for Avionics Applications 
  • LiPo Interface for Aerospace 
  • Engine Controller-Inverter for Aerospace 

Reliability, efficiency improvements, cost and size reductions, designed-and manufactured-in-EU are the most relevant challenges addressed to lead to a strong European supply chain for SiC converters.

The project will be supported with synergy by ECSEL JU and ESI funding, with relevant economic and social impact envisage in a less development region of Union. The ambition of WInSiC4AP is to play a primary role towards excellence in Europe: primary access to IPs for the relevant essential capabilities, competitiveness of manufacturing in Europe.

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