ECPE WBG Roadmap on Lead Applications in the frame of the CLINT Project

First phase of cluster internationalisation completed

2016 and 2017 marked the initial phase of the Cluster Internationalisation (CLINT) of the Bavarian Cluster. The cooperation in the field of wide-bandgap power electronics with two consortia from Japan had many highlights - from inter cultural competence seminars to technology studies and joint workshops in Nuremberg and Tokyo. Furthermore, a new "WBG User Training" was established and is now part of the regular schedule of ECPE tutorials. A total of five trips to Japan gave valuable insight into the research efforts in Japan and helped to strengthen the collaboration with the Japanese power electronics community. In 2018 the internationalisation efforts will continue with two research projects in Germany that interlink with projects covering the same topics on the Japanese side. SiC-DCBreaker will deal with electronic circuit breakers in collaboration with NPERC-J while IsoGap is focusing on high temperature materials and reliability testing in collaboration with a consortium around the University of Osaka. The German projects are scheduled to start soon for a duration of three years and are funded by the German Ministry of Education and Research.

Update on WBG Roadmap

The identification of likely lead applications for SiC and GaN power electronics is the aim of a WBG roadmap which was also initialized in the frame of CLINT. WBG experts gave input via an email survey and met at a workshop in October 2016 and a conclave in October 2017 to discuss promising WBG applications and the development of WBG devices up to 2025 and 2035. The roadmap is currently in the final stage of discussion and will be published in June 2018. It will be made available to the ECPE network.

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