SEP CDT: PhD Projects available for 2023 entry

ECPE is supporting the SEP CDT collaboration between Newcastle Unviersity and University of Nottingham in the call for applications for the new study places for the CDT program. The study places are offered at Newcastle University and the University of Nottingham. Apply now!

EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Sustainable Electric Propulsion (CDT SEP)

CDT SEP aims to create a new school of thinking amongst engineers and scientists, capable of leading the transformation from fossil fuel transport to sustainable and environmental-friendly electric transport.

The CDT is a collaboration between Newcastle University and University of Nottingham who are supported by over 30 industrial and network partners to deliver high-quality research and comprehensive training.

The Centre currently has 30 students progressing through the stages of their PhD journey.  The disciplines that CDT SEP covers are diverse and include electrical and mechanical engineering, physics, manufacturing, big data, and materials.

Recruitment for Cohort 5 is now underway and interested applicants should check the website for further details about how to apply.



CDT SEP is always interested to hear from industrial sponsors and network partners who would like to join the Centre.  If a company or a network association would like to get involved, please contact Amanda Lane, CDT Manager via email amanda.lane[at][dot]uk.

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