SUMMARY | ECPE Online Workshop “Advanced Drivers for Si, SiC and GaN Power Semiconductor Devices” on 15 - 16 February 2022

On February 15th and 16th, a very successful ECPE Workshop on “Advanced Drivers for Si, SiC and GaN Power Semiconductor Devices” with more than 180 participants took place. Originally planned as a hybrid event in Berlin, it needed to be changed to online.

Inside power electronics systems, the gate driver circuit with its control, power supply and monitoring functions forms the interface between the microcontroller and the power switches. This workshop gave an overview over current developments and activities in industry and research.

In the context of the development of wide bandgap semiconductors, new challenges concerning robust operation at very fast switching speed and frequencies need to be addressed to attain the expected gains at system level. The requirements of systems with fast switching semiconductors, especially design issues, parasitics and powerful drivers were deeply discussed. Necessary protection features like short circuit detection or handling high dV/dt and their implementation were presented.

A gate driver is most efficient when it provides the gate signal adapted to the current switching phase. Different solutions on how to implement this and thus reduce switching losses in power electronic systems were deeply discussed.

A special thanks goes to the technical chairs Prof. Jacek Rabkowski (Warsaw University of Technology), Dr. Francesco Gennaro (ST Microelectronics) and Manuel Gärtner (ST Microelectroncis Application) for preparing this exciting and varied programme.

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