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Automotive Power Train and Electronics (former APE)

Date: 12/06/2019 - 13/06/2019

Location: Paris, France

Going forward, electrification is becoming core to powertrain evolutions.

To support the automotive industry in this transition towards ever more environmentally friendly mobility, the SIA POWERTRAIN Organising Committee, in cooperation with the APE Organising Committee, have decided to merge both conferences to a new automotive main yearly event in France named SIA POWER TRAIN & ELECTRONICS. It then broadens the scope of the Powertrain Conference to include electric traction technologies, along with internal combustion engines (ICE), low carbon fuels, and transmissions.

Automotive powertrains are first in line to take the opportunities of mobility transition but also to take the challenges of providing global solutions at reasonable cost, while bringing benefits in performance.

In this context, the 2019 SIA POWER TRAIN & ELECTRONICS Conference in Paris, will address the complete powertrain technology spectrum from conventional powertrain to full EV, covering of course any level of hybridization in between.

This wide portfolio of powertrain technologies will play a major role in:

  • Supporting the international development of the automotive industry by meeting most of the global market needs
  • Sustaining energetic resources evolution (low carbon fuels, renewables, electricity generation…)
  • Optimizing benefits vs Costs, by boosting ICE and electrification synergies through hybridization
  • Overcoming roadblocks towards full electrification
  • Moving from low volume to high volume production for new electrified technologies.

Urban mobility and supporting powertrain solutions will be the key focus of the next SIA POWER TRAIN & ELECTRONICS Conference in Paris.


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Automotive Power Train and Electronics (former APE)

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