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iMAPS Thermal Management Workshop

Date: 19/05/2021 - 20/05/2021

Location: La Rochelle, France

This yearly conference takes place since 2006 and gathers between no less that 80 and up to 110 thermal specialists coming from all over the world. A good opportunity for developing its own professional network and identify Who’s Who in electronics packaging and thermal management. The workshop sessions will include the following topics: 

  • Cooling solutions for microelectronics packaging
  • Micro-cooling solutions
  • Heat conductive materials at chip, board, sub-system and system levels
  • Advances in PCBs for thermal management
  • Thermal modeling and simulation
  • Heatsinks, heatpipes and other cooling products
  • Liquid and phase change cooling
  • New cooling solutions
  • Overviews or examples of products, systems cooling, power electronics, automotive transport, …
  • Thermal management of optoelectronics components (LEDs, IR sensors…)
  • Reliability of electronic components over extended temperature range and under temperature variation..
  • Thermal management aspects of 3D integration: thermal interface materials, dissipation from PCB embedded components and hot spots, and special techniques (e.g. micro-channels)


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iMAPS Thermal Management Workshop

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