New ECPE Tutorial "Introduction to Power Electronics" (Digital Event in 2020)

The aim of the training is to convey the basic structure and above all the behaviour of power electronic components and circuits. The important circuit topologies are discussed and their use in various applications is shown.

With the advance of automation and increasing demands on energy efficiency, many industrial applications use closed-loop controlled drives based on power electronics. Power electronics also play a key role in feeding renewable energies from photovoltaic and wind power into the grid as well as coupling different voltage systems, e.g. battery energy storage systems. This also applies to electromobility, both on the vehicle side with the drive converter and various power-electronic converters in the car, as well as on the grid side with the charging infrastructure, e.g. for DC fast charging.

The training is aimed at scientists, engineers and technicians who have no background in electrical engineering and especially in power electronics, and who want to acquire general knowledge of the basic behaviour and characteristics of power electronics. On the other hand, the training is also intended for users of power electronics who work more on a system level. Here the knowledge of the basics of power electronics helps to make the right decisions and measures.

Course Instructors:
Hans-Peter Feustel, ECPE e.V. (DE)
Prof. Wulf-Toke Franke,
University of Southern Denmark (DK)

29 - 30 September 2020 via Online Conference Tool Webex


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