New ECPE Position Paper published: What Drives Power Electronics in the New Decade?

The ECPE board and the cluster advisory board discussed the topic "What drives power electronics in the new decade? - Global social mega trends and their mutual influence with power electronics". The results of this strategy discussion were summarized in a position paper that was published in March 2020.

Current social megatrends were considered:
- Climate change and resource scarcity

- Shifting global economic powers

- Rapid urbanization of society

- Demographic change

- Digitalization and Connectivity

How do this megatrends affect power electronics?

Two key drivers for power electronics have been clearly identified for the new decade: CO2 reduction to stop the climate change, as well as digitalization.
Additional impacts will arise from the further megatrends of urbanization as well as the demographic change. The shift of global economic powers and especially the transition of China´s role from a customer to a competitor will challenge power electronics industry in Europe.

ECPE Position Paper

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