28/03/2018 - ECPE Working Group on ´Automotive Power Module Qualification Guideline´ -
AQG 324 plans to release 1st ECPE Guideline in April 2018

In the ECPE Working Group ´Automotive Power Module Qualification Guideline´which has started mid of 2017 more than 30 ECPE Member companies are working on an European industry standard on ´Qualification of Power Modules for Use in Power Electronics Converter Units (PCUs) in Motor Vehicles´. The first release of this ECPE Guideline AQG 324 is planned for this April. The original version is based on the German supply specification LV 324. The ECPE Guideline AQG 324 released by the Working Group is a public document which will be available on the ECPE website.

ECPE Contact: Thomas Harder