17/04/2018 - 18/04/2018 - ECPE Workshop: DC Grids, Technologies and Applications

Prof. Rik W. De Doncker, E.ON Energy Research Center, RWTH Aachen
Dr. Peter Steimer, ABB Switzerland Ltd. Corporate Research
Dr. Andreja Rojko, ECPE


DC grids are considered to be a key technology for the connection, collection and integration of renewable energy resources, for the realization of integrated power systems, for new types of urban and industrial distribution power networks and to bridge and support existing AC systems. Advanced power electronic components, power converters and system protection are enabling DC grids on multiple voltages levels. All of them continuously improving to provide lower costs, losses and size in combination with higher performance, functionality and reliability. Especially medium voltage DC grids are expected to play a key role in managing the higher power flows in our future distribution grids.

This workshop aims to promote the exchange of information concerning innovation, R&D and deployment of power electronic and other necessary components and solutions. 

The focus is on medium voltage DC power transmission and conversion with some carefully selected presentations that are addressing also low and high voltage DC technology.

The latest industrial applications, available products as well as some research results that show a good potential for an industrial use will be presented and discussed in the following main sessions: Introduction to DC grids and technologies, Energy conversion and management; DC protection and fault management; Simulation, modelling and control; Low voltage technologies, High voltage technologies and other topics.

All presentations and discussions will be in English language.

Aachen DC Grid Summit
Following ECPE workshop another thematically connected event Aachen DC Grid Summit
(19 - 20 April 2018) will be organised. ECPE workshop participants are invited to register there as well. The participants who will register for both events will:

:: obtain 10 % discount for registration fee for ECPE Workshop (please mark this in the 
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:: Early Bird discount for Aachen DC Grid Summit until the first conference day.


Power Electronics for Medium Voltage Distribution Grids  R. De Doncker
High Power Electronics Innovation  P. Steimer
Future DC-Grids: Networks of Converters  R. Marquardt
Breaker-Less MVDC Distribution and Protection  M. Steurer
Reconfigurable DC links for Restructuring Medium Voltage Distribution Grids  P. Bauer
DCDC converters for MVDC & HVDC grids  M. Mermet-Guyennet
A concept for a DC network in industrial production  B. Weis
Developments in the Angle-DC project: Project challenges, developments and findings to date  A. Moon
Activities of the VDE ETG Task Force – Direct Current in Electrical Energy Distribution Applications  M. Stieneker
HVDC and MVDC breakers  F. Dijkhuizen
LV DC breakers development  A. Antoniazzi
Cost-effective DC breakers using less power electronics  S. Norrga
Gas-tube-based HVDC circuit breaker and applications  C. Davidson
Real time simulation and hardware in the loop in support of DC Grid design  A. Monti
Transient Stability Analysis of VSC-HVDC Systems  X. Wang
Sub-transmission HVDC for Urban Grid Modernization  L. Zhang
DC Power grids – BlueDrive PlusC – Enhanced safety in power plant solutions proven by testing  S. Settemsdal
MVDC power distribution networks and technologies for marine applications  D. Dujic

Panel Discussion
Roadmap for DC Systems  P. Bauer
Energy market mechanisms that enabled more decentralized power production  R. DeDoncker
Power Semiconductors in Grid applications  P. Friedrichs
Panel Discussion_Needs in Power Electronics for Energy Sector  M. Mermet-Guyennet
R&D needs in Power Electronics for Transformation of European energy sector  S. Norrga
R&D needs in Power Electronics for the Transformation of the Europena energy  P. Steimer

ECPE Workshop

Aachen, Germany