03/05/2017 - 04/05/2017 - ECPE Workshop: EMC in Power Electronics: From Harmonics to MHz - Design for EMC and Fast Switching

Prof. Eckart Hoene, Fraunhofer IZM
Dr. Luca Dalessandro, Schaffner Group

The aim of Power Electronics is to convert energy efficiently and this is achieved by switching fast with low losses. Furthermore, switching frequency increase represents the key to shrink power converters, in particular reduce size of passive components, thus resulting in material and cost savings.

The high-power-density power conversion paradigm is further enabled by WBG switching devices which allow a further increase of switching frequencies and reduced switching losses.

Nevertheless, nearly every power converter topology generates undesired interference and noise emission, starting from the grid harmonics frequency range up to hundreds of MHz. The effort to reduce this interference and suppress the noise to an acceptable level is an important parameter for the selection of the converter topology, given the requirements.

This workshop offers an overview on filtering strategies from LV to MV, with focus on recent advances in EMC/EMI filtering technology and design for EMC, and introduces to recent changes in EMC standards, in particular in the 2-150 kHz frequency range. Several practical case-studies will be presented to explain the effect of harmonics, interharmonics and EMC noise and the benefits of the filtering solution.

For WBG and Si semiconductors, the limiting properties to further increase switching speed will be discussed; strategies to expand switching speed and to handle the high frequency issues and parasitic properties will be introduced.

All presentations and discussions will be in English language.

ECPE Workshop

Berlin, Germany