30/11/2016 - 01/12/2016 - ECPE Workshop: Thermal and Reliability Modelling and Simulation of Power Electronics Components and Systems

Prof. Eckhard Wolfgang (ECPE)
Dr. Markus Thoben (Infineon)
Prof. Bernhard Wunderle (Technical University Chemnitz)

This Workshop will be the second one on "lifetime modelling and simulation" under given mission profiles. The first happened to be in July 2013 at Dusseldorf with 150 attendees. It was followed by "Intelligent Reliability Testing" in December 2014 with 120 attendees.

Thermal engineering with simulation of power electronic systems is a key to achieve high performance and reliability. After a review of the basic theory of heat transfer, and loss calculation, different thermal simulation approaches will be addressed including equivalent thermal network calculation, finite element modelling (FEM) and CFD simulations for fluid dynamics.
Lifetime modelling and simulation is an important part of the SAE J1211 Robustness Validation procedure. It is based on the Physics-of-Failure approach which means that appropriate models are a prerequisite for lifetime simulation. In addition the different stresses which are applied during operation have to be considered (mission profiles).

The workshop will present and discuss the state-of-the-art of thermal and reliability simulation in the field of power electronics. Of course models have to be calibrated by experiments.
For better understanding and to stimulate discussions there will be a table top exhibition.

Deadline for registration: 23 November 2016!

Fuerth/Nuremberg, Germany