20/04/2015 - 21/04/2015 - ECPE Workshop: ECPE SiC & GaN User Forum - Potential of Wide Bandgap Semiconductors in Power Electronic Applications

Prof. Andreas Lindemann (O.-von-Guericke-Univ., Magdeburg)
Prof. Phil Mawby (University of Warwick)
Prof. Leo Lorenz (ECPE e.V.)

After the previous Silicon Carbide (SiC) or Wide Bandgap Semiconductor User Forums organised by ECPE, new power electronic systems with wide bandgap components and new devices have been reported in research and also commercially on the rapidly moving international market. They use SiC which in the meantime has reached a high level of maturity or, more recently, also GaN (Gallium Nitride) material. Time has thus come to seize on this recent development and to continue the exchange between experts involved in converter and device development.

The 6th ECPE User Forum will focus on typical power elec-tronic systems, the use of wide bandgap semiconductors is highly promising for. Application examples will come from the areas of power supplies including inverters for renewable energy and of electric drives. Additionally, insights in recent SiC and GaN material and device technology - which is the base for future system development - will be given for a deeper understanding. International renowned experts have been invited to give an overview in keynotes, to in depth explain their research and development work in technical presentations and to share their knowledge in discussion forums as an indispensable part of the event.

The SiC & GaN User Forum is this way intended as a platform to share experience and ideas, to discuss and find out which power electronic systems are predestinated for usage of wide bandgap devices and how to appropriately design-in those novel, almost ideal but also challenging components.

Deadline for registration: 13 April 2015!


Coventry/Warwick, UK